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The XENOPHONGroup is an informal association of military historians who are interested in researching and presenting knowledge on the progress of warfare.

To begin its coverage of such broad topic as military history, the XENOPHONGroup will focus on a few narrow areas. These have been selected from among those topics and eras that are perceived as having been inadquately or poorly addressed, if not even distorted, in popular military history books and journals.
To some degree the skimpy treatment of certain military eras and events is the result of difficult to obtain primary sources. However, much of the imbalance and distorted coverage are due to parochial focus (most often regional and nationalistic preferences) of both researchers who publish and their expected reading publics. The problem is further compounded by print publishers pandering to their perceptions of what are 'marketable' subjects and events. The consequence is that the truth and reliable understanding of many past events are not easily available for an open study of military history.

The XENOPHONGroup sees the Internet web as a promising forum to somewhat counterbalance the situtation. The XENOPHONGroup's objective is reflected in the motto:


The motto reflects the fundamental goals of the XENOPHONGroup to weed out 'false history' and to discover what are supportable accounts of past military events and related developments. This means re-examining many traditional versions of frequently repeated accounts, as well as looking more thoroughly into some less traveled areas.

The XENOPHONGroup web presentations will be an on-going effort, and initially presented with only a few 'building blocks'. Links to these various websites are found in the overview pages listed in the left side-bar directory.

The projects identified on this primary 'gateway' page expanded over time into many topics that suggest the need to provide more specific guidance in the form of site maps. If interested, one can go to "XENOPHONGROUP SITE MAP GUIDE" at

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