This page explains the context of the various projects posted
at the XenophonGroup.com website;
and directs viewers to specific site map pages
for the more expansive topic areas. .


The expansion of topics posted in at the XenophonGroup website are organized under sub directories.
Two subdirectories dominate separate historical areas and each has a dedicated site map of their own.
These are:

[mcjoynt subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for Expédition Particulière Commemorative Cantonment Society
which has the URL http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/sitemap.htm

[montjoie subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for Société de l'Oriflamme
which has the URL http://www.xenophongroup.com/montjoie/sitemap2.htm

[temporary subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for Temporary and Non Theme pages
which has the URL http://www.xenophongroup.com/temporary/sitemap3.htm

[mcjoynt/gallerie subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for Non Historic Themes, Travel and Photo Collection pages
which has the URL http://www.xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/sitemap4.htm

[santiago subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for The WAR for GRANADA Gateway Page:
which has the URL http://xenophongroup.com/santiago/sitemap5.htm

[patriot subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for various themes:
which has the URL http://xenophongroup.com/patriot/sitemap6.htm

[vita subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for various individual vitas:
which has the URL http://xenophongroup.com/vita/sitemap7.htm

[issues subdirectory]
WEBPAGES MAP for issues:
which has the URL http://xenophongroup.com/issues/sitemap8.htm

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