19 October 2006 Dedication at Yorktown of the Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display

On October 19, 2006, there was a dedication of the new "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" display near the Yorktown French Memorial. An original display was erected in 1976 by a Franco-American Bicentennial Commission that no longer exists. Both replacement displays were the result of generous financial assistance of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (VADAR).

The dedication ceremony led by Colonial National Historical Park Superintendent Dan Smith, shown above with Patricia Hatfield Mayer, State Regent, VADAR. to his left and Carol Pope Howerton, VA State Chairman, Washington-Rochambeau Route (W3R) VADAR to his right. To the right of the display is Jacques Bossiere, representing the W3R-US Association and members of the 'America's March to Yorktown (AMtY)'. Links to webpages on the W3R-US and AMtY are at the bottom of this webpage

See separate webpage 13 May 2005 Dedication of display at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

Gathered arround two re-enactors in uniform are ceremony participants from Société en France des Filles de la Révolution Américaine. From left to right: Marie-Odile Celdran, Sophie de Roquemaurel, Lieutenant-général, comte de Rochambeau [John Welsh], Stéphanie Simonard, Christine Malphettes [Régente d'Etat pour la France], Dominique Favreul [Régente du chapitre Rochambeau], Marie-Claire de Trentinian [Historian], Nancy Rousset, Anne Beaux, Anne de Ferluc (kneeling), Patricia Hatfield Mayer [State Regent VADAR], and Lieutenant-général des armées navales, comte de Grasse [Bill Rose].

The dedication of the 'Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory' display was significanlty impressive due to the dynamic and colorful participation of
'l'Armé de Terre Royale', or 'The French Line'
a brigade composed of reenactment units serving in Rochambeau's Auxiliary Army, including the Saintonge, Royal Deux-Ponts, Gatinais, Legion de Lauzun, Auxonne Royal Arillerie and Dillon. These units are registered under the professional umbrellas of the Brigade of the American Revolution and /or The Continental Line.

The smart and well disciplined appearance of these re enactment units provided a special elegance to this, and many other, commemorative events during Yorktown 2006 ceremonies.

Military uniformed participants march on to the scene. Steven Taskovics leads the French column with massed regimental colors, left to right, of the Saintonge (both 1st and 2nd battalions); the King's Royal Colors representing Rochambeau's headquarter's flag; and the colors of the Auxonne Royal Artillerie. Marching behind are elements of the Saintonge and Auxonne.
Featured above are officers of the French Armée Auxiliaire participating in the American Revolutionary war, including from right to left, Francois-Joseph Paul, comte de Grasse, Lieutenant-général d'Armée Navale, l'amiral de la flotte francaise à Yorktown (Bill Rose); Commissaire des Guerres Claude Blanchard (Dr. Robert Selig); Lieutenant-général Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, commander of the royal corps d'armée (John Welsh, Esq.); and Colonel comte d'Aboville, commander of the Royal Artillerie regiments Auxonne, including the Metz and Grenoble at Yorktown.

The Regiment Auxonne Royal-Artillerie was represented by re enactors from Quebec who joined the American re-enactors of 'The French Line' on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of Yorktown. Here, from left to right are: Bernard Rieutord [Royal-Artillerie Lieutenant]; Kenneth Mead [French artilleryman]; Carmen Picard [Porte Drapeau]. They are wearing the distinctive blue, with red triming uniforms of the French artillery, and are standing in front of two replica French 24-pounders located near the 'French Monument' and the new 'Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory' display. These individuals are members of a veteran French and Indian War artillery, the "Compagnie Franche de la Marine" located in the city of Quebec, Canada, and which doubles as the Auxonne Royal Artillerie, registered in the US with the Brigade of the American Revolution and Continental Line.

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The display includes a map that illustrates a ‘drive-able' route approximating the path taken by the allied generals between Mount Vernon and Yorktown in September 1781. This trace was identified as the ‘Washington-Rochambeau Route' by the Virginia General Assembly in 1980. However, 2007 research points to some probable inaccuracies in this description. See:
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