The Lafayette-Rochambeau Society Organized in 1981 to "encourage, sponsor, aid, or conduct activities to promote historical knowledge of Franco-American relations by sponsoring research and publishing the results, by holding meetings to commemorate the Franco-American alliance of 1778, by sponsoring, organizing and participation in commemorative ceremonies relating to Franco-American events..."
The society formed initially as an informal group in 1980, but met in May 1981 to structure a formal entity that was recognized as a District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation in August 1981.
Co presidents:
Rev. Herbert L. Stein-Schneider, Ph.D.
Jean Pierre Pineton Le Marquis de Chambrun

Lafayette-Rochambeau Society projects:
  • 3 May 1981: Celebration of the 203d Anniversary of Franco-American Alliance of 4 May 1778. Service held at St. John's Lafayette Square, DC. Followed by wreath laying at the statues of General Rochambeau on Lafayette Square by the Daughters of the American Revolution, and wreath laying at the statue of Marquis de Lafayette on Lafayette Square by Lafayette-Rochambeau Society, The National Huguenot Society, and the Sons of the American Revolution.

  • August 1781: The Society supported an initiative of the French-American Monument Foundation (formed in Newport, RI, in June 1781) in placing a monument statue designed by sculptor Felix de Weldon at the Yorktown National Park in Virginia. Plans were to place a full scale (40x24 feet) fiberglass model at Surrender Field at Yorktown in October of 1781. The initiative called for final bronze statue to be erected at a later date.

  • 11 September 1781: The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association and the Lafayette-Rochambeau Society commemorated at Mount Vernon the Bicentennial Anniversary of the dinner General Washington gave 200 years prior to honor his distinguished French guests. This was be one of the most significant events of the bicentennial preparations for Yorktown where the British surrendered to Washington on October 19, 1781.
    On September 10 and 11, 1781, Mount Vernon became the center of the war effort and the preparations for the Franco-American victory at Yorktown. For the first time since the war began, as Commander-in-Chief of the soon to be victorious armies, General Washington rode through the gates of his property on September 9 to arrange a fitting reception for General Rochambeau and his staff.
    Links to view the printed Bicentennial Program Celebratiing the Visit of Count de Rochambeau with General George Washington at Mount Vernon are at the bottom of page.

  • September 1781: Participated in the several annual Yorktown Commemoration activities that emphasized the bicentennial of the 1781 Allied victory.

  • 10 October 1781: European Contributions to the American Revolution" "The men behind the sculpture in Lafayette Square".

  • 10 October 1781: Opening of Smithsonian Exhibit "By Sea and By Land: Independence with the Help of France," marking the bicentennial of the Yorktown Campaign.

  • 18 October 1781: Celebration of the Three Hundred and Fifth Anniversary of the Arrival at Yorktown, Virginia, of Nicolas Martiau. Ceremony conducted in front of the offices of the Yorktown Crier, followe by reception and brunch.

  • 14 November 1781: "The Road to Yorktown" all day Seminar hosted by the Resident Associate Program, Smithsonian Institution, Carmichael Auditorium, American History Building.
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