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The above URL goes to the English text mainpage. There is a French version linked from the English page. However the French vesrion is not current.
This main page contains links to key 'principal theme pages' that are in the xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt directory, as well as pages in xenophongroup.com/issues directory. The latter subdirectory addresses particular issues that are frequently miss presented in popular narrative histories.

  • Bibliography.
  • Comte de Rochambeau.
  • Les Régiments Français [French Army Regiments in the American War for Independence].
  • French Naval Leaders in the American War for Independence.
  • Marquis de Lafayette.
  • French Volunteers in American Forces.
  • French-American Alliance of 1778-1800.
  • Caron de Beaumarchais.
  • Château de Blérancourt, Museum of French-American Friendship and Cooperation.
  • Initiative to Commemorate the Washington Rochambeau Route as a National Heritage
    [Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Heritage Act of 2000].
  • World War Context of the American Revolution.
  • Rochambeau's Instructions for Service in Allied Command.
  • Brief Review of George Washington's Military Career.
  • Expédition Particulière Background
  • Special Announcements

PRINCIPAL THEME PAGES as listed on main 'gateway' page.
Some of these pages are repeated and accompanied by additional supporting pages in later groupings of select themes, such as: Yorktown Campaign and Related Pages and French Navy and World Wide Aspects.


Links to:
Notes on Archival Sources http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/notes.htm
Gilbert Bodinier's Dictionary http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/dictiona.htm

Perspective on the French-American Alliance
[See later: Spain's Participation]

"French-American Relations in the Age of Revolutions: From Hope to Disappointment (1776-1800)" http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/ros6-2e.htm
February 6, 2003 speech by Marie-Jeanne Rossignol.

"The Unlikely Spy" by Garl G. Karsch describes the French agent, Achard de Bonvouloir's December 1775 secret meeting in Philadelphia with Benjamin Franklin and others that led to French national leaders decision to assist the American Rebels. See: http://carpentershall.org/history/french.htm

FRANCE'S CONTRIBUTION TO AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE Prepared by M. Jacques de TRENTINIAN for a filmed DVD educational program for the Sons of the American Revolution. See: http://xenophongroup.com/issues/contribution.htm

Chronology of French Decisions and Actions PDF file at: http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/Chronology%20of%20French%20Decisions%20and%20Actions.pdf

"Lafayette, Franklin, And The Coming of Rochambeau's Army" http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/dulltlk.htm
April 1980 presentation by Dr. Jonathan R. Dull to the Washington Association of New Jersey, at Morristown.

Benedict Arnold's Letter "To the Inhabitants of America" New York, 7 October 1780.

Alliance Day 2003 http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/2003.htm

Yorktown Day 2004 http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/yd2004.htm

225 Years Ago ... A Brief History of the French Alliance http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/carphall.htm

Comte de Rochambeau webpage http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/rochamb1.htm.

Links to:
Rochambeau: short biography http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/rochamb.htm.
Links to:
Rochambeau Images http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/rochplus.htm.
Rochambeau's Instructions for Service in Allied Command
Tributes to Rochambeau from George Washington and Douglas Southall Freeman
Library of Congress 'Rochambeau Collection' http://lcweb.loc.gov/spcoll/201.htm.
[Outside of EP site]

Marquis de Lafayette webpage http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/lafy-4.htm.

Links to:
Lafayette's Virginia Campaign 1781
Lafayette's Ocean Crossings.
Notes of Some Lafayette Monuments.
Inaugration of Lafayette Statue at Metz, 20 November 2004.
2004 Commemoration of French-American Alliance at Lafayette Statue, Paris.
Heros of the American Revolution Commemorated at Lafayette Park.

French Volunteers and Supporters of the American Revolution http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/volunt.htm.

Links to:
Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (1732-1799).
Louis Le Bègue Duportail (1743-1802) Founder of US Army Corps of Engineers.

Château de Bléancourt, Museum of French-American Friendship and Cooperation. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/bleran.htm

Port-Vendres (Roussillon), France, Sister City to Yorktown, Virginia, USA. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/pvendres.htm

Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Heritage Act of 2000. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/hr4794.htm
(Initiative to Commemorate the Washington Rochambeau Route as a National Heritage)

Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R) Update.
Project Announcememnt: Wasington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Study.
Links to:
National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association webpage.
http://www.W3R-us.org [Not part of EP site]
Status of Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in Virginia.
Combined Subcommittees' Report on W3R in Virginia.

Les Régiments Français http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/regmts.htm

[French Army Regiments in the American War for Independence]
[Needs to link to 'World War Context of the American Revolution' given below.]
Links to French text page:
Régiments français de la Guerre d'Amérique

French Naval Leaders and the French Navy in the American War for Independence http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/marine.htm

Expédition Particulière Background http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/ep_prom.htm

Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/mvdisply.htm

Virginia Daughters to the Rescue! http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/disply2.htm
New Display Erected http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/disply.htm
13 May 2005 Display Dedication at Mount Vernon.

George Washington, Brief Review of his Military Career http://xenophongroup.com/patriot/washington/washingt.htm.


Yorktown Campaign http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/yrkcam-z.htm

Links to:
The Siege of Yorktown (1781)
Artillery at the Siege of Yorktown (1781)
Seizure of Redoubts 9 and 10, Yorktown (14 October 1781)
    Action Numbers for the Redoubt Assaults on 9 and 10.
Yorktown Campaign Decision http://xenophongroup.com/issues/decision.htm
   Washington's 14, 15, and 16 August Diary Entries
   Opinions of 'Knowledgable Historians' Concerning the Yorktown Campaign
     Decision. http://xenophongroup.com/issues/h-list.htm
   Washington's dispatch to de Grasse Concerning the Yorktown Campaign
     Decision http://xenophongroup.com/issues/17-aug.htm
   De Grasse's Decision to Go to the Chesapeake

Lafayette's Virginia Campaign http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/laf_va.htm

Memorial to the 'Second Battle of the Virginia Capes (1781)', Cape Henry Virginia. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/caphenry.htm

George Washington's Tribute to Comte de Grasse. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/tributes02.htm

Rochambeau's Army March http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/r-march.htm

Virginia Washington-Rochambeau Route http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/wrmarch.htm

Directions for retracting the historic 'Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory' of 1781along modern roads between Monut Vernon and Yorktown, Virginia. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/wr-rte.htm

Washington-Rochambeau Route Markings in Virginia
Researching the French Camps of 1781 and 1782 at Alexandria, Virginia
French Army 1781-82 Winter Camps in Virginia
French Army's March North in Virginia, 1782

Route of the French Army Wagon Train from Annapolis, Maryland, to Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781 http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/wagon.htm

Route of the Hussars of Lauzun's Legion in 1781

The 800 French Army Troops at Gloucester (1781).

Commemoration of French Forces at the Yorktown Battlefield http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/sf-mon.htm
Yorktown French Memoral: Naval Forces http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/sf-mon4.htm
1778 A La Mémoire 1783 http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/memoire.htm


French Naval Leaders and the French Navy in the American War for Independence
It has been significantly restructured to address expanded material. Links to many related pages concerning French naval operations, naval organization, world-wide operations. It remains a ï申working page' in that more is to be added on individuals and on a deeper look at the status of France and its navy.

The French Navy and the American War of Independence
Article by Dr. Ulane Bonnel.

Second Introduction (by Admiral Hooper) on the French Navy in the American Revolution

Mémorial Amiral de Grasse Musée de la Marine [French Naval Museum at Grasse, France]. URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/grassemus.htm Links to section on de Grasse in EP page on French Naval Leaders (see above).

Table Summary of Movements of French Naval Fleets During the War for American Independence URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/fleets.htm
{Note: webpage sub sets to this are being developed. So far the following are in working draft form: Fleet of D'Estaing [fleet01.htm], Fleet of De Grasse [fleet02.htm], Fleet of Ternay [fleet03.htm].

World War Context of the American Revolution URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/worldwar.htm
[This page also returns to EP main page.] Links to:

Spain's Contribution to the American War for Indepenence:
Recognizing Ethnic Diversity Associated with Yorktown 1781:

Impact of French World-Wide Involvement in the War for American Independence URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/fr-contr.htm
[This page also returns to EP main page.]

West Indies Score Card During the American War for Independence URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/WI2.htm
[This page corrects the general mis representation in popular Anglophone works to which Americans are exposed.]

Strategic Assessment of the Battle of the Saintes (12 April 1782) URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/assess01.htm [This page is designed to specifically counter the mistaken assertions about the impact the French naval defeat had upon the overall West Indian Theater of Operations in the American War for Independence. The page links to the West Indies Score Card and de Grasse related pages.]

First Naval Battle of the Virginia Capes (1781) URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/capes_1.htm
[Page links to the Yorktown Campaign page as well as to the Second Naval Battle of the Capes page.]

Second Naval Battle of the Virginia Capes (1781) URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/capes_2.htm
[Note this page links to, and is linked from, the Yorktown Campaign webpage; which in turn, links to other aspects of that campaign. This page also links to the First Naval Battle of the Capes pages, and returns to EP main page.

Suffren's East Indian Campaign (1782-1783) in the American War for Independence URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/suffren.htm
[This page also returns to EP main page.]

Spain's Contribution to the American War for Independence URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/spain01.htm
[This page is in draft form but appears to be necessary to place in to proper context --- really to confront many distortions being asserted --- Spain's contribution. As Spain's involvement was linked in most instances to the larger role of France, there has been some blurring of mutual contributions.]

The Broglie French Connection and the Planned Invasion of England URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/invasion.htm
This page is in early draft form to have the byline of Jacques Trentinian. It provides interesting, in depth background on the French actions that did address early planning for an invasion of England. It also injects some interesting information on the Broglies who are frequently, but briefly mentioned in so many works.

La Belle Poule's 17 June 1778 combat.
URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/poule.htm

Scipion's 17 October 1782 combat.
URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/scipion.htm

Battle of Ushant 27 July 1782.
URL is http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/ushant.htm


[Note these are outside of 'mcjoynt' directory, and may also relate to 'oriflamme' directory] Recognizing Ethnic Diversity Associated with Yorktown 1781

Questionable descriptions of the French assault on British Redoubt 9 at Yorktown, night of 14 October 1781. This issue is under consideration and will address recent revisionist presentations being presented at Yorktown National Park as well as in publications sponsored by the NPS. Issue will devlop from present material at page "Seizure of Redoubts 9 and 10, Yorktown (14 October 1781)": http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/9and10.htm

Flohr's Invention: A Revisionist Account of the French Assault on Redoubt 9, Yorktown, 14 October 1781.

Yorktown Campaign Decision http://xenophongroup.com/issues/decision.htm

Washington's 14, 15, and 16 August Diary Entries http://xenophongroup.com/issues/14-aug.htm

Survey of Opinions of 'Knowledgable Historians' Concerning the Yorktown Campaign Decision. http://xenophongroup.com/issues/h_list.htm

Washington's dispatch to de Grasse Concerning the Yorktown Campaign Decision http://xenophongroup.com/issues/17-aug.htm


Commemorative Events http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/tem_anc.htm


2000 - 2008: WASHINGTON-ROCHAMBEAU REVOLUTIONARY ROUTE (W3R) COMMEMORATIVE EVENTS. Scheduled for the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution. A 'working' webpage that posts the status of planned and completed commemorations is at the National W3R Associations website. See Schedule of Events for W3R Events & Commemorations at http://www.w3r-us.org/Activities/Activities_Schedule.htm.

31 March 2006, 225th ANNIVERSARY of LAFAYETTE's FIRST VISIT TO MOUNT VERNON. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/layfmv.htm

30 Sep - 2 Oct 2005 LEBANON, CONNECTICUT COMMEMORATION of the 1780 French Encampment of Lauzun's Legion. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/leb2005.htm

8-10 JULY 2005 NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND CELEBRATION of 225th Aniversary of the Arrival of Rochambeau's French Military Expedition.
Description of Rochambeau's arrival in July 1780.

19 OCTOBER 2004 YORKTOWN DAY CELEBRATION. Commemorating the 223rd Aniversary of the British surrender.

5 FEBRUARY - 4 May 2003: ALLIANCE DAY 2003: COMMEMORATION of the 225 ANNIVERSARY of theTREATIES SIGNED on 6 FEBRUARY 1778, PARIS. Ceremonies held in France by the State Society in France of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR); and in the United States by various organizations. See webpage ALLIANCE DAY 2003. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/2003.htm
Royal-Deux Ponts 1757-2003 [in French]
Royal-Deux Ponts 1757-2003 [in English]

"Rochambeau Interpreted" http://xenophongroup.com/vita/welsh

Canadian Seven Years' War Cemetery in Quebec City. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/quebec01.htm

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