After driving this route which can take about six hours, we realized that it could be very long and tedious for anyone not wishing to be historically accurate. However, it became clear as we progressed why Washington and others (including the Indians) chose these paths which take advantage of the best topography and easy fords. We recommend that a modified route, which mainly takes the W3R trail but straightens the most difficult-to-follow sections might be provided as an alternative. We also recommend that more W3R signs be provided prior to critical junctions by small roads.

Ellen and Don Stanton
September 7, 2005

(Note: mileage listed below starts from the beginning of each * section)

*Begin at Bicentennial W3R sign at Mt.Vernon; take 235 South to Route 1; 2.9 miles

*Left/South on Route 1 to Route 611 Old Colchester Road just prior to Pohick Church; 3.5 miles

*Left on 611; cross Gunston Road; W3R sign at 1.8 miles; continue South looping to Route 1; total 4.0 miles

*Left South on Route 1; Washington and Rochambeau crossed the Occoquan River by ferry; Note Aquia Church (1757) at left just prior to Garrisonville Road Route 610; continue on Route 1 passing Stafford Court House; Washington and Rochambeau forded the Rappahannock River on the West side of Route 1 and turned southeast to Business Route 17; 28.6 miles

*Left on Business 17 onto Princess Anne Street; Washington-Rochambeau spent the night in Fredericksburg; at 1.9 miles curves right and left becoming Dixon Street Route 2; cross Route 17 at 7.6 miles New Post, W3R sign

*Proceed on Route 2 South (Old Fredericksburg Turnpike) towards Bowling Green; W3R sign; to Route 626; 6.4 miles

*Route 626 South Woodford Road to Route 609 Woodslane Road; 2.6 miles

*Left on 609 to Route 2 South; 4.9 miles

*Route 2 South to Route 631; 1.0 miles

*Turn Right on Route 631 to Route 2 South; W3R sign; 1.2 miles

*Route 2 South to Route 301/Business 301 South; 0.9 miles

*Straight on Business 301 South to Route 695 South, Edwards Road ; W3R sign; 1.0 miles

*Route 695 to Route 301/Route 2; W3R sign; 0.8 miles

*Route 2/Route 301 to Route 721 South; 1.6 miles

*Left on Route 721/Sparta Road to Route 627; 0.7miles

*Right on Mattaponi Trail/ Route 627 to Route 623; 6.2 miles

*Right on Old Stage Road/Route 623 (gravel) to Route 654; 1.0 miles

*West and Right on Route 654 to Route 601; 1.7 miles

*Right on Burke’s Bridge Road/Route 601 to Route 654; 0.1 mile;
crossing Richmond Turnpike/Route 301/Route 2

*Take Moore’s Mill Road/ Route 654 to Route 656; 2.7 miles

*Left onto Dry Bridge Road/Route 656; W3R sign; crossing Route 301/2 to Route 648; (W3R sign misleading as it points toward northeast instead of southward); 2.0 miles

*Immediate right to Route 648 to Route 649; cross bridge at 1.5 miles; W3R sign; 3.5 miles

*Left on Lorne Road/Route 649 to Route 600; cross Route 301/2; 0.5 miles

*Turn on Frog Level Road/Route 600 to Route 602;cross Route 301/2; 0.9miles

*Left on Route 602/Concord Road to Route 651; 0.2 miles

*Turn on Route 651/Old Dawn Road to Route 301/2; cross Route 301/2 several times; 2.6 miles

*South on Route 301/2, crossing the Pamunkey River at 0.5 miles, through Hanover Court House (Washington-Rochambeau spent their second night) to Route 605 River Road (Cornwallis marker is on right side of road) ; 3.0 miles

*Left on Route 605/River Road (Juvenile Justice Facility on Left) to Route 604; 8.5 miles

*Take Route 604 which becomes Hanover Town Road to Route 606; 1.5 miles

*Left on Route 606/Studley Road (W3R sign at 1.8; at New Kent 8.9 miles; and at Talleysville 11.4 miles) to Route 609; 16.1 miles

*Route 609 to Route 249; 1.3 miles

*Left on Route 249 to Route 30; (Stop and See New Kent Court House and Martha Washington sign.) three W3R signs at 3.7, at 6.8, and at 12.1miles (crossing Route 33)

*Take Route 30 at Barnhamsville across Route 64 to Route 60; 7.9 miles

*Route 60/Richmond Road to Route 162? (we never found Route 162 -- could it be Route 132?)
Washington-Rochambeau spent two weeks in Williamsburg planning the siege of British held Town of York, that would be the final phase of the 'Yorktown campaign'; 11.5 miles

*Route 132? [see remark above] to Route 5/31; 0.5 miles

*Continue out of Williamsburg on Route 5/31 to Route 60; 0.6miles

*Route 60 East/Pocohontas Trail; go under I-64 at 3.3 miles; W3R sign at 6.8 miles; to Route 238; 9.2 miles

*Route 238/Warwick Blvd.; cross railroad tracks and take hard left following Route 238; Note “Endview” William Harwood House at 1.6 miles; at 4.4 miles take Right on Goosley Road. Following Civil War Battle sign arrow, Goosely Road becomes Battlefield Road; crossing Route 17 to National Cemetery at 6.9 miles continuing Left on Route 238 to Route 1020 bearing Right into Yorktown Battlefield Park Visitors Center; 7.3miles

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