List of Previous Programs
of the
American Revolution Round Table
of the District of Columbia

(through May 1997)

The Sea and the American Revolution;
          Dr. William Morgan, June '74
The Armies of the Revolution;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, September '74
Revolutionary War Sites and the National Park Service;
          Mr. James Hunter, November '74
Tom Paine -- of Common Sense;
          Col. Quintin Lander, December '74

[Note: January programs were not scheduled until 1981]

The Generalship of George Washington;
          Col Trevor Dupuy, February '75
The First American Civil War;
          Col. William Jones, Jr., March '75
The Naval Perception of George Washington and the Navy Today;
          Hon. J. Wm. Middendorf, April '75
Daniel Morgan -- Virginia Rifleman;
          Col. Quintin Lander, May '75
The Marines in the American Revolution;
          Brig. Gen. E.H. Simmons, June '75

The Triangle Trade, illustrated with the National Geographic
Society's film "Song of Molasses";
          Miss Anita Robey, September '75
George Mason of Gunston Hall;
          Mr. Robert M. Moxham, October '75
George Washington, the Man and the Leader;
          Col. Wilfrid Smith, November '75
Edmund Burke -- Our Man in Parliament;
          Capt. Earl R. Smith, December '75

Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston;
          Col. Jarvis M. Harper, February '76
The Invasion of Canada, 1775-76;
          Col. William Jones, Jr., March '76
Benedict Arnold, Soldier and Sailor;
          RADM Beverly Coleman, April '76
          National Park Service film, May '76
The Third Capture of New York City, 1776;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, June '76

Benedict Arnold's Navy: Ghost Fleet of Valcour;
          Mr. James V. Murfin, September '76
The Influence of Calvinism on the American Revolution;
          Rev. H. Stein-Schneider, October '76
The Trenton-Princeton Campaign and Its Influence on the
Development and Structure of the Continental Army;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., November '76
The Revolutionary War Soldier: Myth and Reality;
          Mr. Harold Peterson, December '76

The Role of Law in the American Revolution;
          Mr. Nicholas Ward, February '77
Music of the American Revolution;
          Mr. Richard Bales, March '77
Commodore John Paul Jones (with Navy film: "The War of
          RADM R. Blackburn Black, April '77
Battle of Brandywine and Brandywine Battlefield Field Trip;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, May '77
"Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne;
          Mr. George Hill, II, June '77

Foreign Influence on the continental Army;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., September '77
The Saratoga Campaign;
          Col. William Jones, Jr., October '77
British Naval Leadership in the Revolution;
          Dr. Dennis Lavery, November '77
The Battle of Germantown;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, December '77

Who Were the Colonial Americans?;
          Mr. Charles Johnson, February '78
The Importance of the Treaties of Alliance with France, 1778;
          Mme. Dominique Souchet, Mar '78
Privateers in the American Revolution: Rivals or Allies for the
Continental Navy?;
          Dr. William Dudley, April '78
Paul Revere: Youth, Manhood, and Age;
          Mr. Elmer Stein, May '78
The Pennamite Wars and the Wyoming Massacre;
          Mrs Barbara Loucks, June '78

The Baron and the Blue Book;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., September '78
The Capture of Stony Point;
          Mr. M. McGann, Jr., October '78
Medical Care in the Revolution, or "Colonials and Coronaries";
          Col. Robert Dyer, MD, November '78
Naval Strategy and Tactics of the American Revolution;
          Dr. Harold Langley, December '78

[February '79 meeting cancelled due to weather]

Admiral Benjamin Franklin;
          Mr. Thomas Fleming, March '79
The War in the South;
          Mr. Don Higginbotham, April '79
The Battle of Monmouth;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, May '79

Patrick Henry to Nathaniel Greene: Considerations on the War of
American Independence in the Southern Department;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., September '79
The Worst Defeat Ever Suffered by an American Army in Battle;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, October '79
King's Mountain -- Psychological or Tactical Victory?;
          Mr. James Anderson, November '79
Intelligence in the American Revolution;
          Mr. Raymond Rocca, December '79

"Not Worth a Continental" -- Inflation During the Revolution;
          Dr. Thomas Worsley, February '80
The War of 1812 and Its Links with the Revolution and Later Wars;
          Col. William Jones, Jr., March '80
John Paul Jones -- An Illustrated Biography;
          Dr. James Bradford, April '80
The Battles of bunker Hill and New Orleans -- Some Striking
          Col. Jarvis Harper, May '80

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., September '80
The Feminine Touch: Women in the American Revolution;
          Dr. James Wall, October '80
The War in the South (Part I);
          Mr. Edwin Hunter, November '80
Light Horse Harry Lee;
          Col. Wm. Jones, Jr., December '80
The Life of Patrick Henry;
          Dr. Daniel Jordan, January '81
The Battle of Cowpens;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, February '81
American Religion and the American Revolution;
          Mr. William Cox, March '81
Aaron Burr, Rascal of the Revolution;
          Mr. Michael Goergen, April '81
Reflections on Thomas Jefferson and the Spirit of Man;
          Judge Stanley Levy, May '81

Yorktown: A Naval Victory of Note;
          Dr. William Morgan, September '81
Yorktown -- Land Campaign: March, Siege, Victory;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, October '81
Continentals and Les Troops de la Terre -- Franco-American
Military Forces in the Revolution;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., November '81
          Mr. Elmer Stein, December '81
The Swamp Fox;
          Col. Wm. Jones, Jr., January '82
George Washington -- Citizen Soldier: His Private Correspondence,
          Dr. Charles Wall, February '82
Charles Carroll of Carrolton: Conservative Revolutionary;
          Dr. Ronald Hoffman, March '82
A Look at the American Revolution from the Viewpoint of Virginia;
          Mrs Carey Roberts & Mrs Rebecca Seely, April '82
Jefferson and the American Revolution;
          Dr. Burton Spivak, May '82

Washington at Newburgh, 1783 -- A Study in True Patriotism;
          Judge Stanley Levy, September '82
Yorktown 201 Years Ago, or How to Re-enact a Big Battle if You've
Never Done It Before;
          Dr. R. Wright, Jr., Mr. Thomas Deakin, & Mr. Larry Bradbury, October '82
The Big Red-Head -- George Rogers Clark;
          Col. Wm. Jones, Jr., November '82
The Dutch Alliance, 1782-1982 -- 200th Anniversary Celebration;
          Mr. T.H. van den Muysenberg, December '82
The British in the American Revolution;
          Mr. Larry Bradbury, January '83
Lord Dunmore's Emancipation Proclamation;
          Mr. K. Whitlock, Jr., February '83
The Battle of Guilford Courthouse;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, March '83
Perspective of a Gentleman from Alexandria, Virginia on Sunday,
April 6, 1783;
          Mr. John Douglas Hall, April '83
The Society of the Cincinnati: Cincinnatus, Old and New;
          Mr. William Cox, May '83

A Miracle in Paris: The Treaty of 1783;
          Dr. Harold Langley, September '83
Microcosm of the Revolution: The Continental Gunboat
          Dr. Philip Lundeberg, October '83
Braddock's Campaign and the Potomac Route to the West;
          Dr. Ross Netherton, November '83
Robert Fulton and Naval Warfare;
          Dr. W. Hutcheon, Jr., December '83
State Navies in the American Revolution;
          Dr. William Dudley, January '84
The Fight for a Fourteenth State -- The Rebels Invade Canada,
          Col. Wm. Jones, Jr., February '84
Benedict Arnold: Why Did the Best Fighting General in the Army
Turn Traitor?;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, March '84
Support Personnel: Woman with General Braddock's Army;
          Mrs. Carol Deakin, April '84
The War of 1812: Chesapeake Bay;
          Dr. William Dudley, May '84

The Battle of Bennington;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, September '84
The First Virginia Regiment;
          Mr. Thomas Deakin, October '84
The British 64th Regiment of Foot;
          Mr. Larry Bradbury, November '84
Military Operations in Pennsylvania During the Revolution;
          Mr. William Cox, December '84
Canadians in the Continental Army;
          Dr. Virginia DeMarce, February '85
Flora MacDonald and the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge;
          Col. William Jones, Jr., March '85
George Mason: The Man and His Contributions;
          Dr. Peter Henriques, April '85
The Revolution Moves to Charlottesville: and So Do We;
          Dr. Thomas Worsley, May '85

Was the Continental Navy a Mistake?;
          Dr. William Dudley, September '85
The Brunswickers;
          Dr. Virginia DeMarce, October '85
Rochambeau, and l'Expédition Particulère;
          Mr. Albert McJoynt, November '85
Preludes to the Constitution;
          Mr. Robert Siegrist, December '85
George Washington's Papers;
          Dr. W.W. Abbot, January '86
The Commissary General of Military Stores Department;
          Mr. Frank Barna, February '86
The Role of Colonial Agents in the Era of the Revolution;
          Msgr. William Kerr, March '86
Our First First Lady, Martha Washington;
          Ms Ellen Clark, April '86
Alexandria in Three Wars;
          Dr. James Munson, May '86

Shay's Rebellion;
          Dr. James Henretta, September '86
Nathanael Greene;
          Dr. Dennis Conrad, October '86 
The Naval War in the Caribbean, 1778-1782;
          Dr. M. A. Palmer, November '86
The Continental Marines;
          BG E. H. Simmons, December '86
The Fairfax Family;
          Nan and Ross Netherton, January '87
Banastre Tarleton;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, February '87
The Northwest Frontier, 1783-1812;
          Dr. Ross Netherton, March '87
French Naval Operations on the American Coast in the Summer of
1778 under Admiral Comte d"Estaing;
          Dr. William Calderhead, April '87
The SEAHORSE Expedition: The British Raid Alexandria, 1814;
          Dr. William Dudley, May '87

Captain John Posey;
          Mr. V. Hawkins, September '87
A Few Good Men: George Washington and the Beginnings of the 
Continental Officer Corps;
          Dr. Philander Chase, October '87
Esek Hopkins: The Navy's First Commodore;
          Dr. William Morgan, November '87
Joshua Barney and the Two Wars for American Independence;
          Dr. William Dudley, December '87
Popular Music in Colonial Times and the revolution;
          Mr. Nicholas Ward, January '88
Wharves of Colonial America: The Merchants and Sea Captains Who
Built Them and Seaports that Thrived Because of Them:
          Ms Andrea Heintzelman, February '88
The Role of Spain in the American Revolution -- Bernardo de
Galvez and the West Florida Campaigns, 1779-81;
          BG Edwin Simmons, March '88
Adrienne, The Marquise de Lafayette;
          Ms Barbara McJoynt, April '88
Carlisle Barracks and the American Revolution;
          Lt. Col. Martin Andresen, May 88

The Battles of the Titans: Virginia's Ratification of the Federal
          Dr. Thomas Worsley, September '88
Benedict Arnold's Career as a British Officer;
          Col. Joseph Mitchell, October '88
American Revolutionary Pension Legislation;
          Dr. Virginia DeMarce, November '88
The Battle of Hubbardton;
          Lt. Col. Joseph Whitehorne, December '88
Expédition Particulère (Part II);
          Mr. Albert McJoynt, January '89
Wooden Teeth and Other False Fronts: Archaeology at George
Washington's Mount Vernon;
          Mr. Dennis Pouge, February '89
The Battle of Kings Mountain;
          Dr. James T. Wall, March '89
The Wild Geese in the American Revolution;
          Mr. Curt Johnson, April '89
Sea Control: Key to Victory at Yorktown; 
          Dr. William Morgan, May '89

The American Revolution as a World War;
          Mr. A. D. McJoynt, September '89
The French North American Naval Campaign of 1778;
          Dr. M. J. Crawford; October '89
Chaplains in the Armies of the American Revolution;
          Dr. Virginia DeMarce, November '89
“Not Worth a Continental” -- Infaltion in the Revolution;
          Dr. T.J. Worsley, December '89
The 'Chesapeake/Leopard Affair';
          Dr. William S. Dudley, January '90
The Basic Training of George Washington;
          Col. William P. Jones, February '90
Why the British Burned Washington;
          Col. Joseph B. Mitchell, March '90
Patriots in Petticoats: Roles of Women in the American
          Dr. Nan Netherton, April '90
Turtle Shell and Toothkey: The History of the US Chesapeake
Flotilla Revolution;
          Mr. Donald G. Shomette, May '90

Prologue to Revolution: The Stamp Act Crisis, 1764-1766;
          Dr. Thomas Worsley, Sep '90
Rebels Before Their Time -- The North Carolina Regular Movement;
          Mr. James L. DeMarce, Oct '90
Nathaniel Greene - His Vivid Plastic Genius;
          Col. William P. Jones, Jr., Nov '90
Interpreting the Revolutionary War in South Carolina;
          Mr. Edwin C. Bears, Dec '90
[January '90 meeting cancelled due to weather]
The Trenton-Princeton Campaign;
          Col, Joseph B. Mitchell, Feb '91
The Origins of the US Navy's Mediterranean Squadron, 1783-1816;
          Dr. William S. Dudley, Mar '91
Major Lawrence Washington vs. Reverend Charles Greene: The Untold
Story of Colonial Virginia's Only Ecclesiastical Trial;
          Dr. Peter R. Henriques, Apr '91
“Drums Along the Mohawk” — The Battle of Oriskany;
          Mr. Robert Fricke, May '91

The First Freedom: Religion and the Bill of Rights;
          Dr. Tom Worsley, Sep '91
The Ill-fated Cruise of the Continental Navy Frigates Hancock and
Boston, 1777
          Dr. Bill Morgan, Oct '91
The Militant Dr. Franklin;
          Dr. Benjamin F. Cooling, Nov '91
The Sister Republics: Switzerland and the United States;
          Dr. James H. Hutson, Dec '91
The Humor of George Washington;
          Col. Henry Morgan, Jan '92
The Exploits of Captain Lambert Wickes, Continental Navy;
          Mr. Charles E. Brodine, Feb '92
Some Not-So-Great Commanders in the Revolution;
          Col. William P. Jones, Jr., Mar '92
The Second Continental Congress;
          Dr. James Wall, Apr '92
The Battle of Brandywine;
          Col. Joseph B. Mitchell, May '92

A Korean and Vietnam Veteran Examines Similarities and
Differences with the Revolutionary War;
          Lt. Col. S.R. Shumaker, III, Sep '92

Arson at the Royal Navy Dock Yard, Portsmouth, and the American
          Dr. William J. Morgan, Oct '92
Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, 1778-1782;
          Mr. H.I. Shaw, Nov '92
Billingsport: Washington Never Slept There;
          B.Gen. Simmons, USMC (R), Dec '92
Chesapeake Bay in the American Revolution;
          Dr. Michael J. Crawford, Jan '93
The Role and Rule of Law in the American Revolution;
          Mr. Nicholas D. Ward, Feb '93
Who Were the Colonial Americans?;
          Mr. Charles Owen Johnson, Mar '93
Thomas Jefferson's Roles in the American Revolution;
          Dr. Benson Soffer, Apr '93
Naval Defense of the Delaware River;
          Mr. Charles Brodine, May '93

The Effects of Serendipity, Intelligence, and Stupidity on
Revolutionary War Battles;
          Mr. Jack Wamsley, Sep '93
The Penobscot Expedition, 1779;
          Mr. Henry I. Shaw, Oct '93
The Organization of the Continental Army;
          Mr. Vincent B. Hawkins, Nov '93
Weapons of the American Revolution;
          Mr. Edwin N. Gewirz, Dec '93
American Money During the Revolutionary War;
          Dr. Richard G. Doty, Jan '94
The Maryland State Navy, 1776-1783;
          Dr. William S. Dudley, Feb '94
[March '94 meeting cancelled due to weather]
Gustavus Conynham in Spain;
          Mr. Mark Hayes, Apr '94
The Allied Siege of Savannah, Oct 1779;
          Mr. Albert D. McJoynt, May '94
With the First Virginia—Reenacting the Revolutionary War;
          Mr. John McConell, Sep '94
Logistics in the Continental Army;
          Mr. David L. Bongard, Oct '94
Uniforming General George Washington's Armies;
          Mr. Marko Zlatich, Nov '94
East Coast Indian Tribes at the Time of the American Revolution;
          Dr. Virginia DeMarce, Dec '94
The Forbes Expedition in the French and Indian War;
          Dr. Charles Brodine, Jr., Jan '95
The Administration of the Continental Navy;
          Dr. William S. Dudley, Feb '95
Fouled Anchors: The Constellation Question Answered;
          Mr. Dana Wegner, Mar '95
A Colonial Cotillion and A Night of Fellowship;
          Avalon Chamber Players, Apr '95
Greene's Strategic Triumphant: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse;
          Mr. Vince Hawkins, May '95

Fort Nonsence at Morristown, New Jersey;
          Mr. James Kochan, Sep '95
New Insights on the Battle of Cowpens;
          Dr. Lawrence Babits, Oct '95
The Surprise of Germantown, or Battle of Cliveden;
          Mr. Thomas J. McGuire, Nov '95
The Virginia Cavalry, 1646–1783;
          Dr. Charles H. Cureton, Dec '95
(January '96 meeting was cancelled due to weather)
Washington's Headquarters in Camp and Field, 1776–83;
          Mr. William L. Brown, Feb '96
A Candlelight Tour of Mount Vernon (on location);
          Mr. John P. Riley, Mar '96
The German Auxiliary Troops in the American Revolution, 1776–83;
          LC Londahl-Smidt, USAF/Rt, Apr'96.
The Amazing Adventures of Christopher Prince, Mariner in the
American Revolution;
          Dr. Michael J. Crawford, May '96

"The Ladies From Hell"—The Repulse of the British Third Brigade
at the Battle of Monmouth;
          Mr. Daniel M. Sivilich, Sep '96
Prisoners of War Who Served on Prison Ships During the American
          Mr. Chadwick A. Harp, Oct '96
Southern Printers and the Coming of the Revolution;
          Dr. Calhoun Winton, Nov '96
Patrick Ferguson and His Breechloading Rifle;
          Mr. Jim Kochan, Dec '96
(January '97 meeting was not scheduled)
The Anderson House, Society of the Cincinati (on location);
          Mrs. Sandra Powers, Feb '97
Captain Thomas McIntire, Pennsylvania Soldier;
          Mr. John D. Kilbourne, Mar '97
A Colonial Cotillion (music);
          Avalon Chamber Players, Apr '97
Books in the Field: The Study of the Art of War in Revolutionary
          Ms. Ellan McCallister Clark, May '97


     several guides, May 1976
Brandywine Battlefield;
     Col. Mitchell, May 1977
Rippon Lodge;
     RADM Richard Black, May 1980
Yorktown Bicentennial, 16-19 October 1981
Stratford Lodge & Wakefield Farm;
     Dr. Thomas Worsley & Mr. William Cox, April 1982
     Col. Joseph Mitchell, May 1983
     Lt. Col. Henry G. Morgan, May 1984
Mr. Jefferson's Country (Historic Albemarle/Charlottesville);
     Dr. Thomas Worsley, May 1985
Alexandria in Three Wars;
     Dr. James Munson, May 1986
Brandywine Battlefield;
     Dr. Dudley and Col. Mitchell, May 1987
Carlisle Barracks;
     Col. Allen, May 1988 
Yorktown Battlefield;
     Col. Joseph Mitchell & Ms Barbara McJoynt, May 1989
Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland;
     Mr. Robert Fricke, May 1990
Charles Town, West Virginia;
     Col. Cobey, June 1991
Brandywine Battlefield;
     Col. Cobey & AD McJoynt, June 1992
Valley Forge;
     Mr. Lee Hess & AD McJoynt, May 1993
     Mr. Henry I. Shaw & Mr. Benjamin F. Pepper, May 1994

(1995, 1996, and 1997 field trips were cancelled)

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