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Albert Durfée McJOYNT

artist and writer on military history

P.O. Box 137
Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121-9998

Member of The Society for Military History; The Medieval Academy of America; the American Revolution Round Table; the XenophonGroup; Expédition Particulière Mount Vernon Commemorative Cantonment; and the Société de l'Oriflamme. Past associations: Retired from the US Air Force (1981).

Military Science, US Military Academy (1955);
M.S. in Public Administration, The George Washington University (1977).

Edited and illustrated the 1995 publication of William Hickling Prescott's The Art of War in Spain, The Conquest of Granada (1481-1492). Author of various articles in Brassey's International Military and Defense Encyclopedia, Journal of Early Modern Warfare: Gorget & Sash, and contract studies for Department of Defense activities. Under U.S Army Studies and Analysis contract, researched primary documents in American, French and German archives on battle casualties in the Franco-Prussian War (1780-1) and in the First and Second World Wars. Illustrated many books and magazine articles on military history topics.

Expanded and detail list of published work in a pdf file at
Print-Published Works, Program Talks, and Posted Webpages by Albert D. McJoynt

Currently researching the last phase of the Hundred Years' War, This work will be titled either the Reconquests of Normandy and Guyenne, or The War of Charles VII of France.

Broad interest in pre-modern, or early-modern, warfare. Emphasis is on military aspects of early Western warfare that have been slighted, or distorted in popular military publications available to the American public. Current, specific interest in medieval French history.
Concurrent with immediate interest in pre-modern warfare, is a general interest in eighteenth-century Western warfare, as well as in modern combined (coalition) and unified military activities. Belief that knowledge of pre and early modern military history is relevant today.

A Great Adventure

Married Barbara Ann Ayers of Cartersville Georgia: Companion historian; Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) member, former DAR Chapter Regent, DAR history committee member, and active docent at the DAR Museum in Washington DC.

Most productive period: FANTASY, INFATUATION, and FULLFILLMENT

Though now exposed as a fantasy of a deranged military historian, the legend is that Durf (a Yankee in Sheridan's army marching though Georgia) met the ravishing and strong minded Barbara Anne Ayers throwing her over the pommel of his [imaginary] horse, abducted, and married her. She became his muse and companion in studying history. Thus began the most productive and rewarding period of Durf's life. The story cannot be presented in mere narrative. Thus there are the some following images and two photo show items that best illustrate the events.

Video of the start of a dream adventure:
Video of an American couple enjoying their 50th Anniversary in Paris, October 2009:

Detail from Hieronymus Bosch's
The Last Judgment, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna.
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