The Early Modern Warfare Society (EMWS) was established in 1980 to serve the needs of a diverse community of military enthusiasts with a particular interest in the history of the art of warfare during the period 1500-1789. The Society's goals are to:
  • Publish information on military organization, uniforms, flags, tactics, personalities, and campaigns and battles in its journal, Gorget & Sash (G&S), and in special Society publications.
  • Promote interest in the period generally, particularly among military historians and enthusiasts.
  • Further the study of warfare and military institutions of the period.

Initially, this website will host online projects devoted to the compilation and publication of materials in encyclopedic form related to warfare in (1) Renaissance and 16th Century Europe and world (roughly early gunpowder warfare) and (2) the Thirty Years' War and the Wars of Louis XIV.

Renaissance and 16th Century Europe
Thirty Years' War and the Wars of Louis XIV

EMWS invites you to visit
Dur Écu

Dur Écu is a blog maintained by a writer/historian who is affiliated with the Early Modern Warfare Society and the XENOPHONGroup. It regularly features posts on early modern warfare, focusing on the Italian Wars, the Religious-Civil Wars, the Thirty Years' War, and the Wars of Louis XIV.

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