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Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display

The "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" display outside Historic Mount Vernon, Virginia, had fallen into a poor state after over 26 years exposed to weather. In 2002, the Expédition Particulière Commemorative Cantonment Society [EP] made the goal of restoring and establishing sustained maintenance of the display. The initiative's challenge is explained further at a webpage "The orphan "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" display needs help!": http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/mvdisply.htm
The Executive Director of Mount Vernon determined that the display could not be effectively repaired, and estimated that a replacement would cost between $3,000-$4,000. The director approved an EP proposed concept for using funds donated by groups and/or individuals. EP approached various Patriotic organizations in the Northern Virginia area, and suggested they encourage their individual members to make financial contributions. Individuals and groups were to register in writing their support directly to the: Executive Director, Historic Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon. The goal was to raised, or promise, the financial support to Mount Vernon by the end of 2003. This would allow Mount Vernon to replace the out door display in time for the 225th anniversary of the Rochambeau and Washington visit to Mount Vernon during the epic Allied march to Yorktown in September 1781.

The Bicentennial Logo of the American-French Alliance, shown here, was on the original display, and was considered most appropriate for the replacement display. The new display contained minor text changes to the narrative, and employed color images of the prominent allied officers and map of the route between Mount Vernon and Yorktown.

THE CHALLENGE WAS MET!!! by the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution
"Virginia Daughters to the Rescue !" Virginia Daughters of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution launch an initiative in 2003 to support Mount Vernon's replacement of The Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display. http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/display2.htm

"Photographs of the New Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display outside of Mount Vernon, Virginia." http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/newsign.htm Photos taken and page posted 11 December 2004.

"13 May 2005 Dedication at Mount Vernon of the Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display" webpage at: http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/13may05.htm

The Bicentennial Commission had also placed a 'sister display' to the one at Mount Vernon at the Yorktown National Colonial Park. This second display had totally disappeared by 2000. The Virginia Daughters expanded their project to replace this second display. In cooperation with the Colonial National Park, the Yorktown replacement display was erected near the French Monument on the Park grounds.

View the dedication of the new display at Yorktown "19 October 2006 Dedication at Yorktown of the Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory Display" http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/19oct06.htm The new "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory" display was placed near the Yorktown French Memorial. An original display was erected in 1976 by a Franco-American Bicentennial Commission that no longer exists. Both replacement displays were the result of generous financial assistance of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (VADAR).

EP involvement in Mount Vernon commemorative events – in particular the commemoration of Rochambeau's 1781 September visit at Mount Vernon that marked the beginning of this distinctive wartime journey of the two allied commanders, together, to Yorktown. When the Lafayette-Rochambeau Society ended in 1983, the EP was created to keep the commemoration initiatives alive.
There is a distinction between the "Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route to Victory" in Virginia and the National "Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route" [W3R]
The "Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route to Victory" in Virginia traces a distinctive wartime journey of the two allied commanders, together, from Mount Vernon to Yorktown. This distinguished it from to other commemorative routes that have very similar titles, but concern traces depicting various march movements of the Allied forces in North America. The "Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route [W3R] in Virginia" covers a broader scope of Allied military movements than just the specific the "Washington-Rochambeau Route to Victory." "Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route[W3R] in Virginia" includes the September journy of Washington and Rochambeau, and is part of the larger "Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route" [W3R] that covers the colonies along the east coast and encompasses activities from 1781 to 1783.
The route being addressed by the W3R is essentially defined by the march taken by the Continental Army of George Washington, and by the French Army of comte de Rochambeau, on their way to ultimate victory in the American Revolution at the siege of Yorktown in 1781. The route also includes the march of the French army in 1782, as it returned back north to Boston.
The relationship between the W3R in Virginia and the National W3R is addressed at: http://xenophongroup.com/mcjoynt/virw3r.htm

The logo for the W3R is shown here and is on most of the road signs and commemorative markers erected by that organization. Information on the National Washington - Rochambeau Revolutionary Route [W3R[ Association can be found at their website at: http://www.w3r-us.org/.

Washington-Rochambeau Route Markings in Virginia
This is a working page to be viewed by interested parties trying to determine the status of road markers in Virginia that commemorate the Washington-Rochambeau march to Yorktown in 1781, the French 1781-82 winter campsites in Virginia, and the route of the French army's march back north in 1782.

More images and descriptions of Washington-Rochambeau Route related historic markers can be found at a website sponsored by HMdb.org. THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE of The Washington-Rochambeau Route Markers at http://www.hmdb.org/results.asp?SeriesID=47
NOTE: One MUST SCROLL TO locate JUST THOSE [presently14] that are located in VIRGINIA.

More information on this historic march and the French Army in Virginia is at the following websites:

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